Strategic Problem Solver, Mentor, Tech Enthusiast

Hi I'm Shahi 👋🏼 - Senior Product Designer @ Bumble. Over the past decade, I've bootstrapped a startup and grew it to 60k MAU. Additionally, I've mentored over 100 designers, and consulted for over 20 startups and companies.


With every product that I design, I aim to achieve the unconscious delight that a user gets from a “functional", "reliable", and “intuitive” product that meets the brand promise.

  • Rethinking Bumble's Promotional Experience

    Product design | Revenue and monetisation | 2024

  • Enabling new Partnerships at Bumble

    Product design | Ads and Partnerships | 2023

  • Building Boldvoice's AI-Powered Coach

    Product design | Revenue and monetisation | 2023

  • Enhancing Bumble's Revenue Journey

    Product design | Revenue and monetisation | 2023

  • Improving Filestage's core UX

    B2B Product design | Core Experience | 2022

  • TedX

    Branding | Event Design | 2020


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